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Big Boss limo (terms and conditions)

New Clients always Complain that we didn't explain to then. Imagine, Is it possible to read all this page to them?
If you are first time user of any limousine service. Please read it thoroughly. And Keep in Mind that these are the terms of almost all limousine services in USA.  Some of then have in Black and white. And The rest just have impose it whenever they need it.

  • It is very common misunderstanding in the limo services. Some clients call for the ride point to point. And then
  • 1... They keep the car waiting for them to get ready or whatever reason.
  • 2... As they get in the car, they take the car to pick up other party just couple of blocks away or different locations.
  • 3... Sometimes they ask the driver if there is any problem to make stop or wait. Remember we are a service business. Chauffeurs are not supposed to argue or refuse to the client. We just advice the chauffeurs to follow the client's instruction. Any additional services will be reported to the base. We match Drivers statement and GPS Data and bill accordingly.
  • 4...  Some new clients believe that they can keep the car free as long as they need it. And at the beginning they just tell the Operator that they need the ride from home to the Airport ETC. Such Scenario make the new users get embarrassed at the end of trip. They simply blame us that we cheated them. But they forget about The time spent by chauffeurs to serve them. Frequent users know it very well.

  • Big Boss Limousine send these terms and conditions to all clients via Email along with Quote or Confirmation Number. It is the client's responsibility to read it carefully. Better to read it before you call to make reservation. On the Contact us page these term are prominent. If you are not agree please email or call us right away. If we don't hear from you we will consider that you are agree with all conditions.

  • Credit Card Charges..
  • We charge on the credit card or account number as the cancellation time pass. But if you have paid cash or check in advance that will be non refundable or transferable if cancellation time has passed. Once again we charge only as cancellation time pass. We reserve the right to charge the credit card without signature.
  • 2nd Charges on Credit Card.. It is very common in limo industry. That the customer see the second Charge in their bill as they were originally told. It happens Because of waiting time, additional stops or any other extra services, those were not mentioned in front to make verbal or written contract. Remember all phone calls recording are kept for record.  See details in Wait time & stops sections. Sometime we charge the card prior to pick up time. In that case for any additional services, you will see separate bill or you can pay cash to the driver.
  • Violation of contract.
  • For  all vehicles.
  • Number of passenger...make sure you don't try to squeeze in the car that is not appropriate for your party. Don,t try to fit in the small cars. Our driver are not allowed to pick up more persons than the number they were told as original contract. It is against the D.O.T laws and also against our policy to have more passengers than vehicle,s capacity. And it is not considered a safe and proper way either. Change in the contract can cost you the full trip without making your trip. Because driver will not drive you in this situation.

  • Sedan Cars Rates:
  • Big Boss limo has standardized point-to-point rates that provide flat rate pricing for travel to and from most major cities and airports in tristate NY
  • Sedan rates for transfers to or from outside the metro area in which a point-to-point rate does not exist will be billed by Big Boss limo accordingly.
  • Waiting Time?
  • Airports Waiting Time:  Thirty minutes of free waiting time given on all Domestic flights from the official posted arrival time. 45  minutes of free waiting time given on all International flights from the official posted arrival time. Additional waiting time will be calculated in increments of 15 minutes at the vehicle's hourly rate.
  • For all other places Waiting Time
  • 10 minutes is free waiting time as courtesy. However if it is 11th minute then all time will be charged from reservation time. Hourly rates varies by vehicles from $48/hour to $250.00 per hour. and 20% gratuity will be above the rate.
  • Different Vehicles Waiting Time
  • For Sedans and SUVs Fractions of an hour are rounded to the next fifteen minute interval. For all other vehicles it will be 30 minutes.  20% gratuity, tolls and parking are additional.
  • For all other reservations including private flights, 15 minutes of free wait time is given. Any additional wait time will be charged in 15 minute increments based on the hourly rate for that particular vehicle.
  • Big Boss Limo monitors all flights, therefore, wait time will be charged as by the last flight check before arrival and the driver will be dispatched.
  • For any passenger arriving on a private plane that is delayed by more than 5 minutes after the reservation made by client. We charge waiting  time.
  • Big Boss Limo does not monitor train schedules, therefore, wait time will be charged as incurred for any passenger arriving by train that is delayed by more than 10 minutes after reservation time made by client.
  • Stops & Charges
  • Passenger requested stops on or off the route during a point-to-point reservation will be charged accordingly per stop, And if it is as directed by the hour, there is no extra for time or stops etc etc..
  • What is additional stop?
  •   Any stop to pick up or drop off a passenger or package even it is at traffic light will be considered additional stop. But if you are just picking up coffee,  newspaper or, going to wash room on the way, will not be considered a stop.

  • Tolls.. New Clients sometimes get confused for tolls. Because of EZ Pass they don't see te drivers paying tolls anywhere. So they believe that we are cheating then. Let me make one thing clear to all new clients. That anything else could be wrong, But we never, never cheated our single client. There are always two way tolls. Frequent users Know it already.

  • Cancellation and No Show Fees:

  • For ASAP Calls.

  • For all as soon as possible calls, as clients accept the ETA of the car, We charge on the credit card for full trip. that will be totally non refundable and non transferable. Even the customer calls back in 5 minutes to cancel the ride. It will be the full charges. And Other Very Important point on all ASAP calls is, that it will be additional cost for waiting time, extra stop and any other additional services. The Best way to void Waiting in ASAP Calls is...You Called for Car at 8.00pm...We give 15minutes ETA. Now your waiting time will start at 8.15. Now if you believe that you will not be ready at 8.15. Ask the dispatcher right away to send the car for 8.30. or whenever you believe that you will be ready.

  • No Show ?
  • A 'no show' fee equal to the base fare price of the trip plus 20% gratuity plus applicable wait time, tolls and parking fee will be charged when the passenger fails to arrive at the designated location.
  • To avoid a 'no show' fee call office, if you cannot locate your vehicle.

  • Flight Cancellation

  • For any reason if your flight is Canceled, and you can't depart. Let us know at least 2 hour before departure. So we try not to dispatch the driver to pick you up. Our system always keep monitoring the arrival flights.
  • Billing
  • All rides are billed to the customer's credit card or corporate account. Big Boss limousine accepts the following cards: American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, and Visa.
  • A 20% gratuity will be billed to all rides. Gratuity is always included. If the chauffeurs is extra helpful and you want to give him/her extra Gratuity. Give him in cash please. Or Just let us know what additional amount you want to pay. Gratuity is calculated on the base fare, stops, waiting time, and any holiday surcharges that will be added and itemized on the customer's billing statement.
  • The following additional charges will be itemized on the customer's billing statement when applicable: two-way tolls, additional stops, Waiting time, airport fees (parking) and cell phone usage (if Any ).
  • Applicable taxes will be charged as required by law.
  • All published rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Credit Card or Account Information.. Never, Never give your credit card or Corporate Account information to the driver. We don't allowed any driver to take CC info of client. CC information only to the office. Office will not be responsible for any Charges happen to the CC other than at Big Boss Limo Service INC.

  • Declined Or Credit Card or Stop Payment.. If for any reason credit card don't get through, client have to provide second credit card. if the second credit card get declined, you have to pay all the contract amount in advance to get the services. For any returned check you have to pay in cash all the amount plus $35.00 check return fee. If you fail to pay by any means all the contract amount in front to the driver. For any foul or smart play the driver will call the police. If the matter will be in the court, Client have to pay all the contract amount, all damages done, all attorney fee $500.00/ trip to court, plus any legal or court fee. Same Rules applied for any stop payments.
  • Client agree and authorized Big Boss Limo to charge the contract amount without signature or imprint of the card. If you are using Someone else credit card, ask card holder to make the reservation. For any misuse of the card the caller will be liable for any wrong doing punishable by law. Remember all the communication can be kept in record.

  • Cancellation Policy.. Sedans and SUV s with less than 4 hours from scheduled pick-up will result in a full charge equal to the base fare price of the trip plus the 20% gratuity. And tolls if necessary.............

  • Stretch limousines with less than 7 days from date of service will be charged as full contract amount.
  • Cancellation of Hummer H2, (Stretch SUV limousines, limousine party buses, vans/mini buses and coach buses) with less than 15 days from date of service will be charged the full contract amount. In cases of no existing contract, the vehicles' hourly minimum will be charged for 3 hour.
  • If the Flight is Early.

  • Some times the flights land early. 99.99% we manage it. But still there is slight chance to be couple of minutes late. It is the responsibility of client to contact us and wait unless the car gets there to pick up. We can,t assure the availability earlier than pick up time as in reservation or the last flight check up. However we will try our best to shuffle the reservation, but not granted.

  • What is Contract?.. Contract is communication between Client and Big Boss Limousine to make the reservation via email or on Phone. We keep communication in Record.

  • We don't charge extra For any holidays as All other limousines services do.
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Eve and Day
  • Christmas Eve and Day
  • Halloween night

  • Parking tickets.  Please try to be be on time, Our Drivers are always on time or couple of minutes early. In tristate New York parking is always a big issue. Don't make the drivers to park illegally for long time. Otherwise you will be responsible for 50% of the total amount of the ticket. But if you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be fully responsible for ticket.

  • Damages To Vehicles; Renter shall pay for all damage caused by authorized renter or anyone of renter's party during the rental period of the vehicles, that includes but not limited to spills, broken glasses, carpet or floor damage, smoking/cigarette burns and damages of the interior or exterior of the vehicle. By state and city Laws no one including driver is allowed to smoke In the cars.
  • Derbies in Limos, We are a transport service. Our job is to provide safe ride to our clients . We are not the service to clean up your derbies from limousines. You have to take out all your belongings including empty cans of drinks. If you don,t clean up mess made by you or your company it will be minimum $150.00 charges for that. And you drink and Vomit in any of our Vehicle the Cost will be $ 200.00 to $ 1000.00.. We have to get full detailing of the Vehicle. And that car can't work for couple of day.

  • Lost & Found.. Big Boss Limo assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage, personal belongings, or any items left in the vehicle.We are not responsible for any valuable left in the car. However if you forget anything contact us, we will deliver it to your place at the cost of sedan car trip. Don't even think that the driver will come to you just for courtesy. Once again we are not responsible for any thing left in the  limousines.

  • If Car don't Show up.. Big Boss Limo shall not be liable for circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to weather, road conditions and breakdowns. We have 100% Punctuality up to date. But Possibility always exists that any unpleasant event can happen. Jan,26th 2015.  if it happens,because of our neglegence, In this case you will get free ride equal or lesser Value.

  • Abusive Behavior.. All of our chauffeurs are well trained, very responsible and respectful. So are most of our clients. But, If There is any misunderstanding call office or settle the difference in educated way. Abusive behavior from anyone in client's party will not be tolerated at all. Driver will be released from your job and you will be charged for full trip. And in worst case, Police will be called. And the client will be held responsible for all damages done and consequences.

Big Boss Limo reserve the right the to change terms and condition without prior notice.
Now Please if you believe these terms and conditions are fair, call us or make it online. We will be happy to to be your future Limousine service.
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