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Yes we can have a chauffeur for you. We are originally a limousine service. In the peak recession all the businesses and job are at the edge. we are trying to help both parties, Our Chauffeurs and Clients.  Because we have some chauffeurs who prefer to work with one ( Familiar) Client. They can drive our cars, your car or our private cars.
We don't recommend anyone unless we are satisfied ourself about their honesty, Reliability and professionalism. please contact us if you are interested to hire one, Hourly, Daily, Weekly and long Term options available. Please let us know what type of chauffeur in New York area you are looking for. Experience, honesty, geography knowledge are the qualities, you can,t dout about. we can assure. Just in the message box, explain a bit about your requirements.
Why Us? Let's make it simple, If for any reason your chauffeur is sick, on vacation or for any reason he/she can,t drive you. We are always at the back up. Our limos, chauffeurs, our entire staff is always there to bail you out in such situation. You,ll simply feel that entire tristate Limo Chauffeurs are at your back up.
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